Degenerative Conditions Project

Adler backed the first engineered DNA company incubator on the Ames campus of NASA (Launchpad). He also co-founded the first venture fund dedicated to engineered DNA (Bioeconomy Capital), provided the first funds to the project that ultimately became Genome Project-write (GP-write), and created the Bioeconomy Supper Club series.

Adler’s current biotech efforts are focused on The Degenerative Conditions Project (, which aims to support the growing community of young scientists looking at degenerative conditions in a relatively new way – by categorizing according to mechanisms of cellular dysfunction (ie: autophagy, cellular senescence, telomere shortening, etc), rather than by categorizing according to traditional phenotypes (ie: specific organs, or Alzheimer’s, or arthritis, etc).

Spencer E. Adler

Spencer Adler